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Experience Tough TV as we take you behind the scenes with Proven Tough professional technicians, drivers, and legends. Duralast Parts are put to the ultimate test from ice drifting to the extreme Proving Grounds, to custom shop builds in some of the most well-known garages.

Get the Drift with Driver and Tech Josh Robinson

Welcome to Our Proving Grounds

From the lab to the track. Tough enough for the extreme, but made for everyday driving. Duralast Parts are engineered to meet or exceed OE performance, and they are tested to hold up in even the most extreme conditions in our Proving Grounds.

Explore Proving Grounds

Ice Drifting

350Zs. 7,000 RPM. Subzero weather. For 18 days. Professional drift driver, Josh Robinson, depends on Duralast for his annual ice drifting clinic.

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Drifting at SEMA

Behind the smoke at SEMA 2019 with professional Formula Drift driver Josh Robinson and the rare Duralast Holden Ute.

MotorTrend Hot Rod’s Week to Wicked

One Wicked ’69 Chevelle

Bringing together classic design and peak performance, Hot Rod’s Jason Scudellari, Christian Arriero & crew restore a ‘69 Chevelle using Duralast Parts.

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Week to Wheelin’

Bringing back the bronco

The fan-favorite vintage Bronco, overhauled with a completely new body and brake system, showcased in MotorTrend’s 2019 SEMA booth – see how the W2W team and some hand-picked builders did it.

Roadkill Garage

Roadkill Takes Classic to Mint

Go behind the scenes with David Freiburger at Roadkill Garage, where Duralast Starters are the choice for restoring this classic muscle car to mint condition.

West Coast Customs

The Masters at Work

Ryan Friedlinghaus and team put their West Coast flare and Duralast Parts on ground-breaking customization projects. From the legendary "Pimp my Ride" these builds are a must see.

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From the Pros For the Pros

More Technicians Choose Duralast*

Hear from professional Shop Owners and Service writers, from the North corners of New York City, to the South waters of Florida, why they choose Duralast.

* Source: Proprietary Consumer Study of Automotive Aftermarket Parts Conducted by The NPD Group, 2019

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