Delivering OE Ride Height and Performance

Shocks & Loaded Struts

Duralast loaded struts are designed with application-specific springs to restore OE ride height. Duralast constructs these parts using high quality components for better comfort and handling, and they’re torture tested under extreme load to ensure your repairs don’t come back. No matter what car you’re working on, Duralast can help get it back on the road, with over 800 application-specific parts, covering 98% of vehicles on the road.


Application Specific Spring

Powder coated coil spring, application specific, to help restore vehicles to OE ride height and prevent corrosion for longer life.

Protection Coated

Electrostatically coated strut for optimal corrosion resistance.

Performance you can count on

Chrome-plated piston rod helps prevent corrosion for a dependable seal and consistent performance in all conditions.

In it for the Long Haul

Premium strut design with N.O.K. seals, reinforced brackets and premium oil for longer life.

Bearing Plate

Torture tested under extreme load to help ensure maximum performance.

Under Control

Boot kit and Urethane molded bumper to absorb harsh, damaging road impact and noise for quieter driving.


Loaded Struts product image

Duralast Loaded Struts

Restores vehicles to the OE ride height with true application specific coil springs

Complete line of fully assembled loaded struts for faster, safer installation

Endurance tested under extreme load to ensure optimal performance and long life

Shocks product image

Duralast Shocks

Matches OE design for vehicles equipped with monotube or twin-tube shocks

Quick response for better handling and stability

Monotube upgrade available for many twin-tube applications

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